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 Your First Step To Better Engagement 

You know it's time to start building your list with a perfect first (or second!) lead magnet - but what should it BE!....

This Power Hour is perfect if you...

  • Are a coach or course creator who needs to build an engaged group of future clients

  • Haven't started building an email list yet, or have done a tiny bit of work on it but know you need to do more

  • Not too sure what to create so your ideal customer will opt-in to your list - you know you need a lead magnet but need a real boost of inspiration to get it off the ground

  • Feel like getting the basic tech in place for creating a landing page or an email list is stopping you in your tracks

  • Are not sure how you'd start promoting your lead magnet to get people to sign up

  • Want to engage regularly with your new list but are uninspired about what to say to them 

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