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Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Being a massive success isn't for everyone. If it was, everyone would have it all. And yet they don't, and I don't think that's mostly because they don't want it, do you?

Nope, it's mostly because they got in their own way. Just messed it up by not following through. It is hard to move forward on nothing but faith and good coffee.

So, here's a little hand from me to get you on that path to nailing it:

>>My Top 5 ways to Get Out of Your Own Way<<

1) Just do it now!  

Procrastination is where dreams go to die.  No, really.  Stop worrying so much and lean in to that 20 seconds of courage.  Push that button, press send, make that call.  Whatever happens, you will be moving forward.  And we all know that clarity comes from action, so what are you waiting for, huh?

2) Eat it one bite at a time, that yummy elephant!

Stop thinking that you have to do all the things right now.  You gotta focus if you want to will build confidence by doing the first job well, creating a wave of energy for the next task.  One step at a time, moving forwards with confidence and completion as your allies.  Pick one thing - and do it!

3) Keep at it, Keep at it, Keep at it!

Nobody just arrived at success overnight - there will be consistent habits, patterns and actions which emerged long before.  Even if no-one is watching, keep working at it each and every day, putting in the hard graft and heavy lifting.  And don't stop moments before pay-off, it's right around the corner for the diligent ones!

4) Don't like what I'm doing?  Don't care!

Stop worrying what others think of you.  So, you've pivoted, you've changed.  It's not the headlines of the New York Times, trust me.  And so what if they don't like the new coachy / self-helpy / new-agey you?  They will get used to it...but only once you put it out there.  Don't hide your light, let the real you shine and just be the best you that you can be.

5) Excuses, Excuses BS!

Whenever we feel a wobble of confidence, what's the first thing we do? Yep, blame something else for our lack of action.  The computer crashed, the person was mean, the whatever whatever.  In almost all cases, it's the big FEAR inside of us that is the real culprit.  Take a deep look at why you're really not ticking off those actions and making those changes.  Chances are that it's inside that needs a-changin', not what you blamed at first.

>>Bottom-line, get out of your own way and step into whatever dream you are here to create.  Can't wait to see what that is!  Keep stepping up x

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