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001: Action Taker Tribe Podcast Intro - Messy Action

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of Action Taker Tribe. This podcast is for you... If you're a new entrepreneur and you're building a heart centered business for the first time. This is exactly my experience. I really wanted to have an opportunity to talk about it and share some of my experiences and understand best how to make a success.

For me, it was all about taking action. It’s something that I've always done quite naturally in my life, but I've realized that at times where I haven't taken action, that's where things have stagnated and I've not made progress. Of course, I felt really unhappy in my life and stuck.

Lately, I've had such a great opportunity to start moving forward, feeling momentum and taking action. It's occurred to me that actually action is what fascinates me. Action is what I want to talk about.

Action in life in general but most importantly as an entrepreneur when you build your business. How does it build? How do people gain success? What is it that makes the difference between somebody who seems to move their business on really fast, and people that might have phenomenal knowledge or really good ideas, but their business is either not growing or is very slow to grow?

What occurs to me is, that actually, the difference is in the action. There are lots of different kinds of action (and I'm getting familiar with all of them) like messy action, massive action, inspired action, and effective action. All of them bring something different. All of them are important and necessary as we're going to build and scale on new businesses.

So for me, today, this is going to be messy action and messy action is probably the single number one kind of action that has enabled me to move really, really fast as I've pivoted from my job in advertising. I had a 20 year career in media and advertising, and now moving over to building my business, which is about coaching and about programs to help new entrepreneurs take effective action and actually scale their businesses.

But really, what's got me from not having that business into building it and loving it as I do, is the idea of messy action. Messy action is, of course, just taking action even if you don't believe it's perfect. Even if you're not sure that the outcome is going to be absolutely ideal. This is the idea that clarity comes from action.

You actually can't build anything, it doesn't exist without the action to bring it into the world.

And so many times it's the messy action that enables us to just take that first step. I love the idea that...nothing has to be forever, it's just for now. So many times we get stuck in procrastination because we're scared that we'll be saying that this is it, this is me forever. This will be something that every time my name comes up -I'll be thought of as this or this particular program, this course, this piece of advertising, or whatever it might be.

But the truth is that if you look at any of the great successes in your niche, you'll see that if you scroll back to post number one or podcast number one, what they were talking about and what they were doing can be quite different to what they're doing now. And that's okay. And for me, that was so, so freeing.

I was able to just basically make quick decisions. I found that as I moved forward, I was actually developing my own brand, my personality, starting to understand where I wanted to take my business and most importantly, who I could serve. How I could make the transformation for other people and what resonated to enable me to do that. So without dropping too much into that today (I’ll do some future episodes about that part of my journey) I wanted to talk to you a bit about how I launched the podcast and my decisions behind it. Because I actually had come up with a lot of sort of random names that I thought were clever and something was stopping me. It wasn’t that “I just wasn't ready to launch my podcast”. I didn't feel that the name quite resonated with me, let alone my audience. I found, a lot of times, I was talking to people about why I'd named, for example, ‘Step Into It’ or something I'd come up with or ‘Make it Count’. Although, both of those phrases sort of resonated, they didn't DO what it says on the tin. You know, that advert for Ronseal? It's like a wood stain paint, I think it's international. They had a really, really famous advert that just said “It does what it says on the tin”.

That just preyed on my mind. I kept thinking to myself, I just want a podcast that talks to what I really want to be exploring. I want to talk about taking action. So it was like a light bulb moment. It seems so obvious now in retrospect. Actually the Action Taker Tribe was born from that moment. It’s about taking action...I'm an action taker...I really want to help people become an action taker. I want to talk about those sorts of subjects. Really, the idea of building a tribe where we all feel excited and lit up about stepping into action was something that I knew was what I really wanted to do.

So welcome to this first episode as I start to find my feet. And that's the reality. This is episode one. Oh gosh, I'd just have this amazing dream that somebody is listening to this, as I've published my 100th or 500th episodes and now they are scrolling back to see what happened in episode one. I hope I do myself justice. But either way, it's exciting for me to think about where I'm going to go from here, how I'm going to build it, and this messy action piece about what I'm going to name it and what I'm going to do. I think it’s really important.

So let me just describe the situation right now. I'm stood-up in my daughter's wardrobe or closet, literally the light isn't even on. And I've got blankets and a school uniform and everything just all around me and I’m holding my phone up. Like, I have this ambition that I'm going to have this really great set up. I'm going to have a great mic and I'm going to have the shield and all these things. But because I'm all about taking action, I asked myself “Are you going to procrastinate and delay because you haven't got your perfect setup today or are you just going to move forward? Could you have a better sound system in the future? And for your first few episodes, you're just going to go.” Of course the answer for me was... “You are just going to do this! You're going to get on with it today. You're going to do the best you possibly can. Just be open, honest, vulnerable, and step forward.”

Because without action, it doesn't exist.

This is what I was saying in the intro, people don't pay you for what you know and so many people I know are falling into this analysis paralysis. In fact, it's got to be a topic for an episode on its own. But this idea that I just need more knowledge, I need more knowledge and taking another program. And my goodness me, the programs are phenomenal out there for new entrepreneurs. You know, my head is turned constantly. I want to do this course. I want to learn this. I want to learn that. I've actually got a list of all the courses and programs that I want to take from phenomenal operators out there delivering amazing value.

But it's occurred to me too, that if you don't implement, then what is the value of the knowledge? And for me, the knowledge is absolutely key, but the real gold is in that implementation. And that's the area that I'm totally focused at the moment. How can I help people take what they know and deliver a transformation? Whatever specialism might be. Whether you specialize in health coaching, financial coaching or any other type of business. Then there's the business skills that you're getting. That might involve learning how to build an email list or learning how to use Instagram. But whatever those skills are, how do you take it from a point where you have all that knowledge to actually doing it? Are you actually creating the opt-ins and the emails that go out regularly? Are you starting to build your business and engagement and getting sales? Because you're not going to make an impact and you're not going to make money if you don't implement it and take action.

So in future episodes, we're going to be exploring the different ways that we can take action. How people have gone from just having a great idea to actually building an impactful business. I'm on that journey myself. So I'll be sharing my progress as I go and the things that I'm learning, and I hope that that's going to really help you in your journey too. Also as I go forward, we're going to be doing some interviews with people that have taken some amazing action and sharing some insights about that.

So this was just my intro. Me saying Hello! And saying that I really hope you will join me on my journey. So, from me to you have an action filled day and I'll speak to you soon. Bye now.

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