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034: Know Your Worth & Be Visible Q&A

Hi, I'm Jo Ingram and welcome to Action Taker Tribe podcast. Last night, I was in a Zoom room with the most amazing new female entrepreneurs who are all building their businesses from scratch, doing all the things, and stepping into their purpose.

It was my privilege to help some of them move forward and take the next step along the way and some of the questions they asked were so universal to many of us building our businesses for the first time, that I was inspired to share them with you on this podcast today.

First off is Margo, a life coach, and I'm sure you can empathise how hard it is to find your perfect client avatar, particularly when you're looking for your very first paying clients. It's so essential to charge your worth and it can be challenging to navigate your price point at the start.

Then Kathy asks a question that I'm sure you can relate to, which is around showing up on camera and being visible for your business. Kathy's launching a business where she produces roasted garlic and her question about creating content is one that I hear frequently, but it does not have to be that hard. Both Margo and Kathy graduated the Made To Do This program with Cathy Heller, which I also graduated about a year ago. It helped us all start to find our purpose and take our first steps, so if you hear us mention it, you'll know what we're talking about.

I can't wait to share these questions with you. Come on, let's dive in.

Margo Janack: Thank you, Jo. I haven't really got my business off the ground yet because I still have one more year for retirement, but I do want to start getting my feet wet. I'm a certified life coach and my avatar is midlife women who really want to make a change in their life so they can live their life's purpose and have the most fulfilling life - I know everybody else is doing it, right? But it's me! I have had many clients who have worked with me and have really enjoyed the process and got a lot out of it. I'm seeing them make advances in my one-hour discovery session, but when I ask them, ‘if you'd like to move forward my fee is such and such’ - which is really low by the way, as usually here in the Northeast, you get paid a minimum of $100-$200 an hour for life coaching – and I say, ‘well, because you're in Made To Do This or because you're in this group or whatever, I will let you do it for $25 an hour’, all of a sudden they don't want to do it. I mean, it's hard to set something realistic if people aren't even willing to pay that. I guess they're not my people, but I I'm having a hard time reaching my people. I don't know what I'm looking for, Jo.

Jo Ingram: There's a couple of things of tangled up in that. I completely agree with what Jennifer says in the chat, which is maybe your fees are too low and there is a truth to people going, ‘um, 25 bucks, I don't know, is it really worth it?’ It sounds uncomfortably low - I don't know how I can even phrase that. Maybe it suggests that you're not putting enough value in yourself and maybe energetically what people are absorbing is, if she doesn't value herself more than 25 bucks an hour, what kind of transformation am I likely to get? I'm not saying that this is a conscious thought, but I think that when people charge too little, there's an element of suspicion. Like really? Why is it so cheap?

There's probably a math like saying just because you're in Made To Do This isn't the same as saying, look, these are my fees and because you're in it, you get a 10% or15% discount, which is great. I offer discounts to people that come through Made To Do This, or I offer bonuses to them all the time, because they're the people that I love to work with the most - we've got a common basis of understanding and I know that I'm going to create great transformation and feel lit up and amazing and all of that. I love it, but you've got to create a sense of self-worth that radiates on them first of all.

There’s also the question, are you talking to the right people? Sometimes talking and radiating into Made To Do This all the time gives us a false sense of security or otherwise, in that this isn't the reality about the wider world out there and the sort of clients that we need beyond the reef.

We have to get ourselves out into the big wide world because we can't scale otherwise.

When you look at your client base of midlife women who have the pain points that you will know about - their lack of purpose, overwhelm, feeling directionless and all the things that that you've found out about them - there's only going to be a percentage of them in Made To Do This. Then you've got all the other people doing something along the same lines for midlife women and it's a difficult pool to fish in. Have you got any thoughts about how you might sort of expand out of it?

Margo: I think eventually when I have more time, I’m going to start a community group, which could eventually turn into a membership group, but I know that's a lot to invest for time etc. and I want to make sure that I'm investing in the right area. I'm in the beginning stage - I just reached out to someone to help me with my logo, I don't even have a landing page - when it comes to technology, I'm the worst and it's very intimidating. I know there's a lot of people like me in Made To Do This that are where they are because of technology. I'm comfortable with what I do and what I offer to people, but it's the technology that holds me back.

Jo: Yes, I mean, it's difficult. What possible solutions are there when it comes to tech? Number one, learn it all yourself, which for some people is a possibility. I threw myself in and learned all the tech – well, a lot of tech - and it was very time consuming. Luckily, that was something that was in my ability to do, but what if you haven't got the time or that it isn't something that you've got the ability to do? Well, then you have to get a bit of help and you just have to admit to yourself that you need to bring in that help.

I get it because I realised that there were these little problems – I don't know how to make a landing page, how do you make a reel, what do you mean by a Linktree? How do we do that? - these sorts of questions. I just recorded myself doing all of those things and I put them in a little vault in Kajabi, so now I can just go ‘this week we're doing a landing page and I'm not going to waste time telling you how to do the tech’, hits the video and it's in my vault - it's me doing it, so it's exactly what I would've told you anyway. You've got to kind of just navigate it and overcome it.

One final thing to say on to you on this Margo is that this doesn't have to be a reason to put up blocks and barriers about building your business, because it's a lot about the stories that we tell ourselves. We go, ‘oh, I can't do tech’. I'll say, ‘Margo, how's your website going?’ and you’ll say, ‘oh, terrible. I can't do tech’. We’ve just got to go ‘I can do tech and I do it like this’ or ‘I can do tech. I found a way around it’ or ‘I didn't launch a website - too hard, didn't do it. Instead, I created just one single landing page that somebody helped me with and right now that's good enough for me’.

Just make sure that you're progressing with your dreams, irrespective of the tech.

Margo: We'll get there. Thank you very much, Jo. You're very inspiring.

Jo: Ok, we’ve got a little bit of time if anybody else just wants to ask something. Kathy, what would you like to say?

Garlic Kathy: I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I don't like to be that side of the camera. I like to be on the backside of the camera. Can I do reels of other people talking about my garlic?

Jo: A hundred percent. You don't have to be on camera. You can not only have other people, but you could create a little garlic character! Stick some bubble eyes on the garlic and have it talk, just have some fun with it! There's a lot that you can do, but I would also challenge you just a little Kathy because that's important and it's who I am, to say, why don't you want to be on this side of the camera? You're gorgeous, you're so warm and you've got a lovely smile. What you have to say is important and you are the personality behind your brand - you are Garlic Kathy. You had a cohort of 880 odd people, and everyone knew Garlic Kathy. Everyone knows you. I think that you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't overcome it and put yourself out there.

Kathy: I can't think of enough content for real, or even in a Facebook live, unless somebody challenges me – for instance, ‘go live for three days and talk about this and talk about that’.

Jo: OK, so what I do to solve this - and I’ve got a podcast episode on this which I'm going to share- is a mind mapping technique. I'm sure you've all heard of mind maps, but if you haven't, it looks like a spider diagram. You draw a circle in the middle, and you draw lots of spikes out of it. Then you draw a bunch more circles and you draw spikes out of each one of those. What I do is a complete mind mapping exercise that gets all of the content ideas, experience, knowledge, and thoughts out of your head and onto a mega mind map. Whenever you say to yourself, ‘I don't have any content’, you go to the mind map, and you pick one.

For example, I know nothing about garlic, except it's very lovely, but if you could imagine your garlic thing - how it's made, recipes that garlic is great in, name the three main things that you could talk about. How it's made, recipes you use it in…

Kathy: The health benefits

Jo: Health benefits. Amazing - I bet it looks gorgeous in whatever containers you use to ship it out - how it has to be stored properly etc. Even if I just zero in on health benefits, give me three things that would go under the heading of the health benefits of garlic?

Kathy: It lowers your cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure, and keeps the vampires away!

Jo: That's cool, that's really, really cool. Pick one of those - let's go with keeping the vampires away! Create a really little funny little thing about keeping the vampires away - that's what there has to be. Create a personality around it.

The point is that you know way more than you think you do.

A piece of content for social media is one tiny thing. It's not ‘give me the contents of your entire life, entire program, entire process in one reel or one post’ - it's pick one tiny thing and talk about it. Just a nugget really.

It's really not as hard as you think it is to come up with lots of different content approaches. I mean, there's so much that you can talk about once you actually get it down on paper and this is the reason why I love my mind map, by the way. When it's all in in your head, it's too easy - particularly on a low vibration day - to go, ‘oh, I don't have anything’. When it's on a piece of paper, you can actually go, ‘yep, that’, or you can let your vibration lead you, which is where I'm at these days.

You can look at it and look through it and see which one excites you and do that. Perhaps you’ll feel say, ‘I feel really inspired today, I feel cheeky, I'm going to talk about the vampires.’ Another day you'll be like, ‘no, I have no sense of humour today! The way I package the garlic, that's going to be the - having the nice shots of the products. Although we're talking about garlic, this is true of everyone here and every business that we're doing.

We all have lots and lots of different elements to it that perhaps we don't give ourselves credit for that becomes content once we open our minds, and particularly get them on a piece of paper.

I made lots of mistakes when I did some of my early content. I was trying to educate everyone on really big things in one tiny space – ‘here's the 17 steps that you need to take in order to transform!’ No - pick one and then just talk about it. This is the great thing, as then I've got 16 other bits of content, right, If I had 17 steps.

I so appreciate Margo and Kathy asking questions that we can all relate to and if you'd like to connect with Margo, you can reach her on Facebook - her name is Margo Janack.

To connect with Kathy on Facebook, she's called Garlic Kathy and you can also find her as KS Roasted Garlic.

Now to round off today's episode, I need to give a big shoutout to Nikki Hadcroft. Nikki supports women who've had a primary breast cancer diagnosis as a bad-ass cancer thriver coach. It has been my honour and privilege to help her craft her offer and build her business at this early stage and I'm so delighted at her getting a shout out by none other than Cathy Heller on her wildly successful podcast, Don't Keep Your Day Job.

Cathy Heller: Now I want to give a shout out to some of our Made To Do This this alumni. So, Nikki said, ‘I have big news! After a fabulous conversation with the wonderful Carolyn Holmes about my money mindset and the financial positioning of my offer, I had a great discovery call with a potential cancer thriver client. I pitched the thousand dollar offer as well as a couple of more comfortable packages for me to discuss and she has confirmed today that she is signing up for the thousand-dollar package. O M G. This is incredible. This will pay for my mortgage this month. I know that I still need to do some work around my money mindset and my own value, but thanks to my coaching from Jo Ingram and the kick up the butt from Carolyn Holmes, I'm getting there.’

Nikki, this is incredible. It's amazing. I am so, so proud of you for working on your money mindset and putting that price on your offer.

Look at what incredible things happen when you give yourself permission to welcome the abundance.

Also, Carolyn and Jo, who are both Made To Do This alumni, you were both such superstars. Thank you for lifting Nicky up to this next level.

Jo: If you want to get in touch with Nikki, you can join her Facebook group called The Badass Primary Breast Cancer Thrivers Hub or find her on Instagram as at @just_bemore.

Carolyn Holmes, who you also heard mentioned, helps parents of children with autism, and you can find her at our website

I've had masses of fun this week, reaching out, connecting with new people, having inspired conversations, and generally just enjoying the fact that I connect with people who inspire me every single day. I hope you're also having an action filled week. Take care. Bye now.

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