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022: Raise Your Vibe to Create Success

How have you been at directing your energy lately? Have you been feeling full of vibrancy and optimism, acknowledging your successes, or has it been a bit different for you - wondering ‘are things really going to go the right way for me? I didn't really do as well as I thought I would and I'm feeling disappointment/frustration/overwhelm.’ Perhaps you're procrastinating. All of this is so, so normal, but yet when we're in that state it's impossible to move forward with the success that we envisage for ourselves. You know the vision, the one you hopefully put together at the start of the year, perhaps you look at it from time to time. I know myself that it's very easy sometimes to forget the vision or even to feel like I can never achieve it because the day to day might seem hard. The things that we need to do might seem just too difficult to imagine actually getting there.

Yet I now know that it is in that pure imagination where the magic happens, and I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I've been looking at ways to raise my own vibration, get back to my source and understand that really my state of mind is everything.

It's not what I achieved today from a to do list perspective - it's about being the person that can achieve all of this, that can make good decisions and can trust.

My goodness, how important is trust? We have to have so much faith in the outcome. In fact, I was talking with my cohort on my program only last night about just this subject, so I'd really like to share this with you so you can listen in to the conversation and what was going on there. I talk about how we need to do a review to find the successful parts of what we've done. I'm all about iteration. I definitely think we need to review to make it better, but sometimes we forget to review just to celebrate - just to acknowledge the fact that we are stepping forward every single day, every single week, every single month, we're showing up in some way and working on our businesses, working on ourselves, working on our dreams. I'd love you to listen in right now, so let's dive into this topic today, all about reviewing successes and raising of vibes. Enjoy.

As CEOs of our own business doing that review - recognising successes as well as iterations - is so important, and personally I have been learning this the hard way. I know some of you have been with me in chats where I've been talking about how I just look at things and think, ‘oh, I could've done that better. Why haven't I done more?’ Just taking a moment when people have asked me directly, ‘what exactly have you achieved?’, and I say, ‘well, I did this, and I did my first program’. Why are you not taking a moment to give yourself that energy that comes from feeling like this is happening rather than what's not happening? So that's really what today's about because I think that we all do that too much.

Tell me in the chat if this resonates with you. if you're like, ‘you know what I do move on a little too quickly, and sometimes I put myself down or depreciate what I have achieved and don't take that time, moving on way too quick.’ I mean it's just one of those things that whether or not you feel that you've done enough, the truth is you've done more than you think you have and, first of all, congratulations for showing up. You know the reality is that you are playing full out for yourselves. You keep turning up, showing up, you join a program, you show up, you do the work. Some things do well, some things you want to iterate, but well done. You're showing up, right? A lot of it is about the success mindset.

I hadn't really thought of what it was called before but I looked it up and it's called a success mindset, and it's literally about focusing on what you've accomplished and not just what you haven't.

You might remember all the way back to our session together in January where I talked about that quote from Tony Robbins - you're probably familiar with it, he says ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. The thing is, and I'm learning this more than ever, we create the reality around our thoughts.

We create our reality and it's as simple as our own thoughts and feelings.

If you're familiar with Abraham Hicks - you're probably familiar, I don't want to labour it if you're not - it's all about manifesting. They basically say that to manifest more success you have to be grateful and acknowledge the success that you currently have and feel good about it. You have to, it's all about how you feel.

It's about creating that energy via your feelings. Thoughts, feelings, they're attached, and we just have to wire ourselves to feel good about what we're doing because only that way can more good come, more good grow from it.

It was interesting sharing a bit about how I've been the last month or so - as you all know, I'm all about action. I achieve a lot and I push myself - It's just who I am. It's a very natural way for me to be. However, I think that the downside to that is often that I will defer to the doing and not really think about the mindset work behind it. That leads me through ups and downs, and I’d got in a place where I wrote down what I’d done in the last months and was like, ‘wow, you know I've achieved some phenomenal things that I'm so proud of’. However, I realised that I was actually energetically really low and not just because I'd been working very hard, but because I sort of lost my way and the to-do list became king – and it was like, do, do, do, do! The hours were racking up and the happiness quotient was going down.

I've actually had a lot of self-realisation over the last couple of weeks and realised that I'd let the self-care go. I was doing the bare minimum. In the past I was doing my journaling, making sure I meditated, and I was making time for the things that we all know are important to support our wellbeing. Although this time last year when I was still in corporate, I was doing all of those things, when I became an entrepreneur, I was too busy to do them and felt I didn't need them anymore. I don't know – something was like ‘oh no, it's OK, I've got this now, look at me, check me.’

Actually, I soon realised that wasn't working and so now I've made a commitment to my life coach as well as myself that it's a non-negotiable doing those things. It's getting up in the morning and doing the journaling, expressing some gratitude, doing a one-minute meditation, which is all I'm committing to, but making sure that I do that one minute to start bringing forth that energy. This is why at the beginning of this session I spoke with such passion about the energy thing because it's actually been a lightbulb realisation for me over the last couple of weeks, bringing that energy back into what I'm doing. I'm doing fewer hours; I'm working less hard and I'm just letting things unravel on their own with less attachment to the outcome.

As I've said, look, if it takes me six months longer to be in a position that I want to be in, then so be it, but as anyone who's a massive proponent of the law of attraction and manifesting will tell you – nope, once you get in that zone, it'll probably come quicker.

Once you get out of your own way, once you start being vibrant and energetic, the flow, the inspiration, it will all just come – and I'm sitting, waiting, hopefully, not holding on to the outcome. I feel like I'm moving closer to it and whatever that means is a good thing.

I'm also going to thank you guys because you've been a massive part of my journey too over the last few months and it’s been really, really fantastic.

So maybe this conversation today has resonated with you. Have you looked back and acknowledged your successes? I'd love to invite you today to take a moment, take out a piece of paper and write at the top of it three things you’ve achieved in the last month that have made you really proud and maybe even a little surprised. What is it that you've achieved that perhaps you've brushed over and said, ‘oh yeah that was OK, but it could have been better’ or ‘it was alright but…’ Anything that you have said but after, go back and ask yourself really what could I celebrate? If you're struggling, use the word could. What could I celebrate about this? What could I acknowledge about myself in the last month that I have achieved for my business?

My second invitation to you today is about that subject of raising our vibration and trusting. Is there an area in your life right now that perhaps you've let go? You've let your self-care drop. You've let something that was really important to you before become something that you just don't have time for. Perhaps it was journaling, perhaps it was meditation, perhaps it was exercise or eating well. Whatever it might have been, something that supported you in the past that you have for one reason or another downgraded in importance and priority in your life right now, I'd love to invite you to rediscover it. Or perhaps to find that one thing that can help you find the peace and trust that knows that you're heading in the right direction.

The reality is if you do believe in manifesting – and certainly my belief is growing every day - this is what unlocks the door to that.

Starting to celebrate successes and feel the emotions of happiness, of joy, of all the good feelings, and to project that forward with a level of trust that you know that this is part of your life now, and it will only grow in the future.

From this place of good feeling and trust take action. Take inspired action, go forward, and do something amazing this week that if you were in a lower vibration, you would not have done.

I really want to thank you for being a listener to my podcast. I've got some really lovely messages this week thanking me for my content from last week that have helped keep my enthusiasm really high for producing my podcast. If it's something that you know somebody else would appreciate, I would be so grateful if you could share it with them and invite them to listen in to this episode or any of the episodes that have come before. This is now the 22nd episode and I'm just thrilled that I'm still going and I'm only growing in enthusiasm. If there's a subject matter that you really want me to cover drop me a DM, say hi, and if you could spread the word by subscribing sharing, reviewing, I'm going to be enormously grateful. T

his week, I'm all about the high vibe, the gratitude, so thank you to you for coming and being part of my world and however I can serve you, just let me know. Have an awesome action-packed week. Take care. Bye now.

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