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Not sure what your first or next offer could be? 

Join this live workshop so you can start generating income sooner with

an offer that will be irresistible to your ideal clients

You've got no shortage of ambition but are frustrated that you're not making enough money - and know even though you're working hard, the growth isn't coming because you're simply not making enough paid offers!  

Whether you're...

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a coach who's not sure what you can do beyond the basic one-to-one coaching sessions but know you need to diversify to improve your income and make more impact

a budding course-creator who is intimidated by the time it will take to create the big all-encompassing program and wants to come up with some more ideas of offers you can make in the meantime

a new entrepreneur who knows you can truly transform people and needs a push to create a paid offer to overcome that icky feeling about charging people for your services

This workshop is for you - it will give you the inspiration, the motivation, the tools and the confidence to make an offer sooner and boost your income in a few simple steps

By the end of this workshop, you will:

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Copy of Copy of Creating Offers_ (6).png
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Overcome your icky money mindset blocks so you can't wait to make your next offer

Have clarity on what your next offer can be so you have a route to generating income that is simple and easy to implement

Know how to approach pricing your offers with ease so you don't fall into procrastination and charge too little (or give it away for free!)

Be ready to create and sell your offer so your business can start to grow faster

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Your very first sale of your new offer will likely cover the cost of this training
— and that'll be just the beginning! 
Value: $147


LIVE workshop 2-hour zoom session on March 15th, starting at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm UK 

Lifetime access to the video recording so you can repeat the process for creating offers any time you like!

Hotseat Group Coaching to get perspective on typical questions that creating offers raises​

A detailed Creating Offers Workbook to follow in the workshop session so you capture all your insights and learnings and are able to implement your offer without any more delays


Breakout Room After-Party

Want to work through your offer idea immediately after you complete the Creating Offers Workshop? 

Join a breakout room to co-work on your offers so you are totally clear on your next steps and have the confidence your offer is going to sell brilliantly!

Sales Page Tech (replace with the actual name) BONUS Session!

Need to sell your offer but no idea how to get the sales page tech just right and take online payment so your offer actually makes money?

Wonder no more!  

Adrienne Mitford (title here), will take you through building a simple sales page step by step, linking up your payment methods and booking new clients into your fabulous new offer (without you spending a penny!)


The session is on March 25th 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm UK  - and full replay will be available!

The Creating Offers Workshop is perfect for you if...

You feel like you need to get brave to make an offer - people love your free content and offers, you just need to take that next step and start charging and need to feel confident that the offer is just right


You know all about your ideal client - what their problems are and what they want - and how you can just need to get structured and come up with the right type of offer so you can help them transform


You're knee-deep in social media, and busy with lots of things to build your business, but somewhere along the way you missed the offer-train and know that it's time to get it done

You've got a couple of offers out there, but know you're leaving money on the table and want to add another simple offer and just need the inspiration and motivation to take that action


On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

You're not clear on your ideal customer's problem and needs, or how you help them - you'll need to do that work before you're ready to nail your offer

You're hoping someone else will give you all the answers so you can skip the thinking bit and just magically make money

You've already got a big basket full of income-generating offers and are drinking margaritas on the beach

Your very first sale of your new offer will likely cover the cost of this training
— and that'll be just the beginning! 

I can't wait to guide you through the process of creating a perfect new offer in this workshop...

I've experienced first hand the uncomfortable feelings of putting a price on what I do, and even had tears in my eyes the first time a client actually paid me! 

I also know how easy it is to over-complicate creating offers and try to bite off more than you can chew at the start of building your new business

Sometimes we just need to get in a zoom-room with some other likeminded entrepreneurs, get the right direction and a mega-dose of motivation, and the magic can happen...we implement!

I look forward to being that zing that gets you to make that offer this month - the first of many!

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