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My business origins...

I've always been an action-taking and motivated person - and I love to share what I know with my friends.  That's been the way when I started eating plant-based foods, and when I started running.  I'm always the first one in my crowd to share info on a new childcare provision in my area, and my Turkish Lentil soup recipe is still doing the rounds!

But when it came to my career, for so long I felt stuck and unmotivated.  You see, I 'fell into' my job 20 years ago...was it like that for you?  I graduated like a big boffin with a first-class degree feeling entitled to take over the world with my fancy new career, and proved my point by scoring a coveted graduate role at top ad agency Ogilvy and Mather in London.  Going to business meetings often meant taking the speedboat up the River Thames and there was a mini river flowing through the 10th floor reception at the office.  

Fast-forward two decades, and the shine had well and truly worn off.  During that time, I had risen to a senior-level position running a team and a multi-million-pound budget.  I also had my three daughters, and like many of us career gals, fertility was a struggle and I went through a life-journey to create my dream family.  In my case it meant an epic 5,000-mile flight from London to California to meet my twin girls born with the help of a surrogate - but that's a story for another time! :-)

Since becoming a mum my priorities changed, but although my workplace had the right policies in place and I had some flexibility with working hours, the corporate values and culture didn't align well with who I was becoming.  But I didn't know what to do next.  I dabbled with the idea of becoming a schoolteacher (who hasn't, right!?) and did a stint of contracting.  But I always dreamed of being my own boss so I could truly determine what hours I work so I can be the mum who can show up for my kids when they need me, be rewarded for the results I create, and feel passionately about what I do because it’s authentically me.

What stopped me for so long was two things.  First up, I didn't know WHAT to do. Being my own boss doing what exactly?!  And the second thing, that was really the kicker, was that I was scared of change.  I had become comfortable with my decent salary, with my routine and security.  I just wasn't someone who was comfortable with change or taking risks, so no wonder I found it so hard to imagine what to do instead of the long-standing job. 


But the discomfort of being in Corporate Life ate away at me until in early 2020 I decided to create an online course about parenting compassionately as an alpha working mum.  This had been borne by my own struggles to be the calm and nurturing mother I wanted to be, and the strategies I had put in place in my own life.  I knew I wanted to use my experiences and journey to help other mums like me.  And so I set my alarm early each morning to write the content before work, and was elated when I shared it for the first time and found that it genuinely helped. 

But the real transformation came during Covid-19, an unexpected gift to me from the pandemic.  The thing I was so frightened of happened and my advertising firm made me redundant (laid off) after a turbulent few weeks of balancing an increasing workload with scrutiny and pressure combined with home-schooling my three kids and my mother-in-law passing from coronavirus. 

If I hadn’t had lost my job, there was a strong chance I would have imploded emotionally one way or another.

And yet my worst fear became an opportunity which forced me to take action.  Finally freed of my fear of change, I delved deep into what I could offer and how I could help other corporate mums to unlock the energy and passion inside of them to create their own authentic businesses.  I realised that my journey wasn’t unique, but something that many women can relate to and I want to help them take that leap.


Since then, I’ve set about bringing the knowledge of authentic and flexible online business models to other mums interested in taking back control in their own lives and working on their own terms and my business is building every day. 

And as I do that, my own life is getting richer in every way.  I’m at the school gate with my kids, I’m running in the woods every day, I’m sleeping better!  And incredibly I am more rewarded in my working life than I’ve ever felt before as I'm coaching and creating online programs to change lives for the better.

I’d love to get to know you, what your journey has been so far and where you’d like to be next – please drop me a line and say hi.   


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