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Oh my gosh Jo!  You are always a rainbow. Your energy is that.  And I knew from the second you entered my world that you were going to be just that for people.  Like a Care Bear come into the room and go ‘here’s all the light! Why do you have the curtains closed? Let’s take on the world!’

Cathy Heller
Intuitive Business Coach | Author |Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast Host
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Perfect for you're not willing to wait a minute longer to get your coaching business soaring.  With a focus on alignment (so you stay motivated and stress-free!), we will work together to develop your own personal business strategies.  From clarity on your purpose to identifying your ideal client niche and acing your first offer, you'll develop the habit of consistent action and take brave steps you never imagined as you fast-track your business progress towards living the flexible life you desire.

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Time To Rise - Magnetic message program

Are you exhausted with creating content for social media and working out what to offer next?  Perhaps you're frustrated that it's difficult to express what you do exactly to help clients book in with you.

Imagine what it would be like to stand out in your niche and sign soul clients with ease.

In this program you'll learn how to magnetize soul clients by clarifying your unique message - in alignment with ease, not efforting.  

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Level up your business progress by building in prioritization, organization, and accountability today by grabbing this free download with 3 primo tools I use every week to consistently hit my goals.  Being intentional as you build your business is an art - and this guide will unlock your productivity and help you level up your business progress.


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Short weekly tips and training on building your new coaching business, overcoming the blocks and barriers to your success, and taking consistent and inspired action

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Jo has become one of my most trusted advisors whom I regularly reach out to for guidance on how to build and scale my business. Jo understands her customer to a t, being a former corporate mom and entrepreneur herself. She brings natural empathy, tons of experience, and a positive, can-do attitude to her coaching approach, which will help anyone struggling with building momentum in their business. 

Kim Jones
Career Transformation Coach | Business & Organizational Culture Consultant 

I really have no words to describe how easy and revealing it is to work with Jo. She has a beautiful uplifting vibe and has a way of asking the right questions that are so simple and yet I didn’t see them coming. She completely unlocked my looping never-ending thoughts about my business and showed me a more aligned way of solving that. 

Jordana Meazza
Mindset & Business Coach | From Numbness To Fulfilment Podcast Host

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